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Pokémon Organizer Template

Pokémon Organizer Template

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🔴 Pokémon Organizer

I absolutely love collecting Pokémon, especially when I can match their color schemes to the pokeball they are in. As my collection grew in size, I found myself needing a way to keep it organized. I used to organize my collection using Excel, but I found that using Notion would make it even neater. So, I decided to create a template using Notion. That's when I came up with a template that helped me do just that! As time passed, I realized that other collectors could probably benefit from using my template as well. So, I spent some time upgrading it and decided to share it with others in the hopes that it could be useful to them too!

✦ It assists you in organizing your Pokémon by inputting your own collection.
✦ This template will be particularly useful for managing your special ball Pokémon collection.
✦ You can add Battle-Ready Pokémon and keep track of detailed information such as Effort Values.
✦ Input the item held by your battle-ready Pokémon.
✦ Create your teams and add your battle-ready Pokémon to it.


❗ The location and size of the image may vary depending on the device type and resolution.
❗ This template is similar to the image above when used on a PC and laptop.
❗ It may look different on the iPad and Galaxy tab due to the difference in resolution.


Pages included

9 Notion pages

  • Pokédex

  • Special Ball Collectioin

  • List of items

  • Battle-Ready Pokémon

  • Team

  • Poké Ball

  • Images & Icons
    - Main page cover images (➕added 5 images)
    - Menu gallery cover images
    - Page cover images
    - 86 svg Icons and 51 png Icons

  • Example Template

  • Template Guide



ℹ️ Information

◾ This product is for Digital Download only.
◾ Please note no physical items will be sent.
◾ You will receive an email with download links (pdf file) for your digital purchases.
 The location and size of the image may vary depending on the device type and resolution.
◾ If you have any issues with the template please contact me.


📋 Terms of Use

◾ This Notion template is for personal use only.
🚫 All images can not be resized and resold.
🚫 The copyright of all images used in the template belongs to Loraticon.
 (excluding Pokémon Official images)
🚫 Please do not re-sell, share and redistribute these images as your own works.
🚫 Unauthorized use of images may result in legal consequences.

  • Personal

    ❤ Add custom icons to your Notion workplace.

    ❤ You can use it to decorate digital diary.

    ❤ Decorate your Website/blog.

    ❤ Anything that you can use personally.

  • Commercial

    ✅ Company Notion page

    ✅ Mobile App icon

    ㅤㅤ↳ It cannot be used as Mobile app icon set.

    ✅ Game Design

    ✅ Small commercial (500 units)