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144 Simple Progress Notion Icon Pack

144 Simple Progress Notion Icon Pack

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144 simple progress notion icon pack

📌 How to use

You can use them as icons for the notion and decorate your notion page.
Simple Progress Notion Icon Pack is various colorful styles for notion.
Use Icons as a progress indicator for the project.
You can see the progress of the project is more noticeably well.
We'll give you PNG & SVG files of icons. You can edit SVG with Adobe illustrator.


⭐ Download Includes

144 Notion Icons

◾ Icon Color : 9
◾ Icon Format :
◾ Icon Size : 280x280 (px)


ℹ️ Information

 These images are for Digital Download only.
 Please note no physical items will be sent.
Jpeg file: No transparent / png file: transparent / svg file: transparent
 You will receive an email with download links for your digital purchases.
 Digital files are available for download immediately after purchase, I'm unable to offer refunds or exchanges.
The location and size of the image may vary depending on the resolution of the device.
 I offer refunds up to two weeks after purchase, and only if there has been an error found with my art or if a duplicate purchase was made.
 If you have any issues with the images please contact me.


📢 Notice

◾ Due to PayPal's regulations, we cannot receive payment from customers in Korea.
🙏I'm sorry. Please visit my second site.
◾ You can pay with a visa card.
◾ 페이팔의 규정상 우리는 한국에서 고객들로부터 대금을 받을 수 없습니다.
저의 두번째 사이트를 이용해 주세요. 신용카드로 결제할 수 있습니다.


📋 Terms of Use

 Personal: Use the images for personal projects.
 Commercial: Use the images for small commercial(+business) and sell up to 500 units.
◾ The copyright of all images belongs to Loraticon.
🚫 All images can not be resized and resold as twitch/streaming.
🚫 Please do not re-sell, share and redistribute these images as your own works.

  • Personal

    ❤ Add custom icons to your Notion workplace.

    ❤ You can use it to decorate digital diary.

    ❤ Decorate your Website/blog.

    ❤ Anything that you can use personally.

  • Commercial

    ✅ Company Notion page

    ✅ Mobile App icon

    ㅤㅤ↳ It cannot be used as Mobile app icon set.

    ✅ Game Design

    ✅ Small commercial (500 units)