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Game Log Record Notion Template

Game Log Record Notion Template

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🎮 Game Log Record

This template is perfect for passionate gamers who enjoy organizing their game log.
It allows you to keep track of your favorite games and even decorate the game cover image using the figmama template. With features like progress tracking, play status assignment, and completion dates, you can easily manage your gaming journey. Additionally, you can organize your game list, create a wish list for upcoming games you're interested in, and showcase your greatest gaming moments in the screenshot gallery. The included Figma template makes it easy to artistically enhance your game cover images according to your preferences.
📢The current version has been updated to 1.1.

✦ Set the progress of the game, assign the play status, and establish dates.
✦ Arrange and categorize your game library.
✦ Customize the cover images for your games.
✦ Easily check the play status of the games.
✦ Organize your favorite game music, into an album.


I highly recommend this template to:

✦ Gamers who want to track their game progress.
✦ Individuals who enjoy preserving their gaming achievements through the screenshot gallery.
✦ People who want to create a comprehensive record of their gaming experiences.
✦ Those who wish to effortlessly create their personal game wish lists.
✦ People who want to create captivating cover images as the representative visuals of their games.


Please read this before downloading

Read Me


❗ The location and size of the image may vary depending on the device type and resolution.
❗ This template is similar to the image above when used on a PC and laptop.
❗ It may look different on the iPad and Galaxy tab due to the difference in resolution.


Pages included

1 Notion pages
Cover image template.fig

Game Record Calendar
Game Screenshot gallery / Best Screenshots
The number of games
 Current Status
◾ Music Album / Music Data
◾ Resource Library
◾ Template Guide



ℹ️ Information

◾ This product is for Digital Download only.
◾ Please note no physical items will be sent.
◾ You will receive an email with download links (pdf file) for your digital purchases.
The location and size of the image may vary depending on the device type and resolution.
◾ If you have any issues with the template please contact me.


📋 Terms of Use

◾ This Notion template is for personal use only.
◾ The copyright of all images used in the template belongs to Loraticon.
🚫 All images can not be resized and resold as twitch/streaming.
🚫 Please do not re-sell, share and redistribute these images as your own works.
🚫 Unauthorized use of images may result in legal consequences.

  • Personal

    ❤ Add custom icons to your Notion workplace.

    ❤ You can use it to decorate digital diary.

    ❤ Decorate your Website/blog.

    ❤ Anything that you can use personally.

  • Commercial

    ✅ Company Notion page

    ✅ Mobile App icon

    ㅤㅤ↳ It cannot be used as Mobile app icon set.

    ✅ Game Design

    ✅ Small commercial (500 units)